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As part of your routine motorcycle maintenance it is important to keep an eye on your front forks as they are a hardworking part of your machine, dealing with the road ahead and anything it might throw at you. Just a visual check will tell you if your forks are leaking and, while a small amount of oil can be normal, if you notice it seeping out over a period of time then it is a good idea to get a front fork rebuild kit to sort the problem out and keep your forks on point.

Slinky Glide Fork rebuild kits come in three options - see below - and contain the correct seals and teflon coated bushes for a perfect fit for your machine


Motorcycle fork oil & dust seals made with the latest materials. In kit form for easy selection

bush slider

The inner and outer bush sliders of motorcycle front forks are made of quality materials. Made to OE specifications


Contains oil & dust seals, inner & out slider bushes & seal retainer clip where applicable


heavy chrome fork stanchions

more fitments coming soon

Motorcycle fork stanchions, when made with heavy chrome and precise engineering, can provide several benefits to a motorcycle's suspension system. The heavy chrome finish provides extra durability and protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan for the stanchions. Precise engineering ensures that the stanchions are manufactured to precise specifications, allowing for proper fit and alignment with the fork tubes.

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Adventure motorcycle riding is a thrilling and challenging activity that involves exploring remote and rugged terrain on a dual-sport motorcycle. It requires skill & endurance


They typically feature a minimalist, sporty design with low handlebars and a relatively small fuel tank for improved maneuverability.

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Sports style motorcycles are designed for high-performance riding and racing. They feature a lightweight, aerodynamic design, with powerful engines and advanced suspension systems