bearing kits

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bearing kits

A tapered bearing uses rollers instead of ball bearings to provide smooth movement. Unlike roller bearings,tapered bearings can support both radial and axial loads.

bearing kits

All the wheel bearings we supply are 2RS – DDU. They are double sealed and ready lubricated with premium grease for added protection.

bearing kits

kits contain bearings, shafts, seals, and bushes needed to rebuild a swingarm according to factory standards.


suspension linkage

For many, it will be an MOT that alerts them to the fact that the swingarm and linkage bearings on their bike need replacing.

With the back wheel off the ground, supported by a centre stand or other stand that doesn’t hold the swingarm, grip the ends of the swingarm and try rocking it from side to side and up and down – expect a little up and down movement in the shock, but try to feel for worn bearings. Also try bouncing the back of the bike up and down to see if the swingarm can move freely

Customer Needs

Overall, manufacturers need to be flexible and responsive to customer needs when it comes to discontinued parts. By taking a proactive approach and offering solutions to customers, manufacturers can build stronger relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.

This is the case with the classic Honda XRV Africa Twin 650/750 where the swinging arm and suspension linkage bearing inner collar has been discontinued part numbers 52141MM9000, 52463MS8000, 52464MN9000, 52464MS8000, 52473MS8000, 52141MV1000, 52141MV1000, 52143MY1000.